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Breaching the Comfort Zone, by Robert R. Mearns

Relational Christianity

Breaching the Comfort Zone


The status quo of a predictable routine has many believers bored and disengaged. But God works at both ends of His initiatives.  He invites us to join him on a journey which will take us beyond the comfort and convenience of familiar paths. Daring adventure awaits those willing to trust the Abba of Jesus to shape their future. In 'Breaching the Comfort Zone' we study lessons from the early church and the author's life where form no longer replaced relationship.

Available in paperback or e-book.

Breaching the Comfort Zone, by Robert R. Mearns

iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch Edition

The EPUB edition of Relational Christianity is now available for your Apple device directly from Lulu.
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  2. Use your device to click the Buy Now button below and navigate to the Lulu.com website.
  3. Complete your purchase and download the book.  It should be automatically added to your iBooks App and ready to read.

Breaching the Comfort Zone, by Robert R. Mearns