Creating By Faith

by Steven B. Tipps
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Creating By Faith
Everything is composed of energy and energy pulses in waves
(Excerpts from “Awaken the Sleeper” by Dr. Nick Castellano)

All matter is made up of energy
Everything is composed of energy and energy pulses as waves
People and things are composed of energy emitting waves

Waves have amplitude and frequencies and attract to one another
Nikola Tesla understood this law and determined:
Each thing has a natural harmonic frequency at which it exists
Earth has harmonic frequency - 7.8 hz

Every thought is composed of thought waves or vibrations
Your entire body vibrates with these thoughts which travel with speed, force, & intensity based on your belief in that thought
These waves align with like waves and attract like things to edify this thought pattern

A thought firmly fixed in your mind will attract the things represented by that thought
Negative thoughts attract negative events, people and circumstances that reinforce the negative thoughts
Focus on love, joy and peace - you will attract people, things and situations that reinforce your state of love, joy and peace

Words more powerful than thoughts
Word is focused thought
Word is like light focused into a laser
Word has power to create
Words have great energy and energy affects matter since all matter is energy

What we speak in faith over and over we create
We create our reality

Quantum Arena
In your life is infinite number of possible results
These possibilities are called quons
Quons are waves of potentials or possibility waves

Normal energy wave (light) has amplitude (height) of wave - energy of the wave
Quantum wave (quon) has amplitude and frequency but no energy - your focus on the event gives it energy
A quon’s amplitude = probability it will be created or made visible - pulled from the unseen into the seen

When quons are focused and a specific circumstance is talked about - the speaking gives energy to the quon until it starts to exist in the visible world as hadrons, quarks, and electrons
These subatomic particles can be measured as sources of energy
Your focused thoughts and words toward the circumstance or situation brought them into the physical world

If we create our world in environment of love, peace and joy - We will create things that bring love, peace and joy (Kingdom Environment)
Not focusing on this creation process puts us in “fate” environment - sometimes good/sometimes bad
We have no control - We have become part of someone else’s creative process

Creating from fear, lack and stress produces results that keep us in fear, lack and stress
We create a negative environment by our focus on it
It’s not about what is fair - It’s about the emotional environment from which we create and what our expectations are

We create our own reality based on the thoughts and intentions of our hearts and the power of our words - every time - no exceptions

Take this concept to the Word
Colossians 1:16 - For by Him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by Him, and for Him.

Scientists calculate that 23% of universe is dark matter and 73% is dark energy
Scientists determined that 4% of what has been created as matter can be seen in light - 4% visible to the human eye
The most foolish people in the universe - intellects - make decisions with their five senses and we follow blindly calling what they have declared factual information

God has given us the tools to overcome the bleak times - the world needs our ability to see what cannot be seen and create what has not yet been created in the visible realm

The true answer to our decision-making ability and power comes from the individuals who make their decisions on the 96% unseen - the gut - or guidance from the Holy Spirit - using the seen and unseen as the source of their decision making abilities

Greek Translation

the substance

now(faith is now, God is I am)

makes up or consists
essence, nature of things, properties
Of things
Hoped for
The evidence
of things
not seen


that make up things
looked on by natural eyes

Translated from original Greek: Hebrews 11:1
“Now(the only faith works is in the “NOW”) belief makes up the properties of a thing expected and is proved by the manifestation of matter not previously seen by the naked eye.”

Faith is the building block of all matter seen in this realm - Faith is the substance (energy) in the unseen from which all things are made.

Did God know quantum physics?

Quantum physics is label man has put on processes God set up from the beginning of time and man uses the labels to define these processes to make them more about man and his greatness and less about God.

What actually happens in scientific realm when we act in faith?

Quantum physicist - in visible reality when an energy wave’s amplitude is squared it indicates the energy of the wave

Quantum physicist - millions of quantum or probability waves or quons available for each circumstance and situation you experience

A quon’s amplitude squared will equate its probability of being brought from the unseen world to this seen world.

What you focus on and believe and the amount of positive or negative energy you put around that event will dictate what and how quickly it is pulled from the unseen (invisible) to the seen (visible).

Quantum physicist call this “collapsing the quiff”.

We have a choice on the energy we give to the event or the label we put on the event (good or bad) and what we are focusing on regarding the event

Focus on positive outcome in environment of love, joy and peace (Kingdom environment) - your focus is performed in hope (assurance it will be done) - followed by action step of faith (acting & feeling like it is already done), you will collapse the quiff and bring the unseen positive event into the seen.

Or choose to vibrate in indifference - what will be will be

Sometimes positive outcomes - sometimes negative outcomes - reinforcing the indifference

Or if we choose to vibrate from environment of fear, lack & stress & focus on negative results by hoping (wishing) it does not happen.

Just that focus will bring negative result into visible realm and support our vibration state of fear, lack and stress and help keep us there

Because we create from that place in choice the process of creating assumes we want to stay there

This creative process assumes what we are focusing on and giving our power and energy to we must want.

The creative process was set up for a creature of power, dominion and authority yet this incorrect focus results in creating more of the lack in our life on which we are focusing

Matthew 6:33
But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

Greek Translation
Most importantly & firstly
What you worry about in your life

Matthew 6:33 - Greek translation
But desire first and most importantly the Kingdom of God and relationship with Him and all the things you used to fret over and seek in the world will be added/given to you including Purpose

God has given us the tools to overcome the bleak times - the world needs your ability to see what cannot be seen and create what has not yet been created in the visible realm

We were created and given the power, dominion and authority to use this creative process to establish the Kingdom by our focus, our words and our expectations - to bring His answer from the unseen into the seen world in every area of our lives as He changes us and in turn the world through us

Steven B. Tipps, 5/28/2012