Here is information regarding some of our outreaches to sister Kingsway Churches and other ministries throughout the world. These are local bodies we support directly and are thankful to have built relationships with throughout the years.

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Tommie Nauman
Greece, Macedonia

Read Tommie's latest newsletter... (updated 2/2019)

Visit Tommie's blog here...


Read the latest newsletter from Skopje (updated 3/2017)


Read the latest Shutka newsletter... (updated 3/2017)

Aleksandar Vuletic
Skopje, Macedonia

Read the latest newsletter... (updated 4/2011)

Radovan Bogdonovic
Beograd, Serbia

Visit their facebook page....

Charles and Lamar Taylor
Malawi, Africa

Check out Charles and Lamar's website...



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Eric Love, 4/14/2009